ManCave Experience
Julius Cartwright, Creator


The ManCave Conference began as a separate track dedicated for men only inside the WIP (Women Inflection Point) Conference which focuses on women only in Houston, Texas 2018. This was the foundation that Julius Cartwright needed in order to attract more men, attending with their wife or individually, and empower them at the same time as the women. Now after 2 years in Houston, Texas (2018 and 2019) and 1 year in Las Vegas, Nevada (2019) we are excited to add another city to our roster, Cleveland, Ohio. Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, the conference took a break in 2020. But now that society has a better grasp on COVID-19, we are back in the saddle excited to continue our vision of empowerment and enrichment. With high precaution and following all COVID-19 protocols, this year’s conference has limited attendance available because it will not be virtual. You truly have to be there to experience this shared environment and to grow as an individual.

"Rediscovering the Man You Always Wanted to Be"



Our mission is to provide empowerment and enriching information for men to excel in their spiritual growth, health and nutrition, finances, manhood, fatherhood, and relationships. To create a safe place to let your guard down and interact with other men in a healthy, trusting environment. To encourage, motivate and develop men into being better sons, husbands, businessmen, and educated through an inner-connection of networking with a private, all male session.


To be the chief pioneer and conductor for men to receive information to maximize their potential and beyond.


There is a strong need for men to come together collectively to communicate our core value. Ideologies, experiences, and a number of different challenges. Each year, we attract more members with hopes of gaining members of all ages. From some as young as 16, because it takes a village to raise a child, to others as seasoned male mentors in their 70’s to help build each of these informative topics.